Free list of negative calorie foods

Are you looking for a free list of negative calorie foods? These are the foods that actually take more energy to consume than the calories they contain, so it’s easy to understand why anyone who wants to lose weight would be going for these types of foods.

Free list of negative calorie foods

Here is a short free list of negative calorie foods–some of them may surprise you:
Hot Chili Peppers

The other great thing about negative calorie foods such as those in the list above is that they actually use calories from other sources in your body in order to be digested. So, eating these calorie burners should definitely be included in any weight loss plan.

Keep in mind that when your body runs out of energy from carbohydrate sources, the next place it looks for energy is in your fat. This is one way to get rid of excess fat in your body and this is how negative calorie types of food help you lose weight and maintain the weight that you eventually achieve.

In general, negative calorie foods come from fruits and vegetables as listed above. Other examples include pineapple, papaya, peach, honeydew and cantaloupe. These are beneficial because of their negative calorie properties and because they hold strong detox properties. Other vegetables include broccoli, green beans, asparagus and carrots. Celery is especially worthy because t only holds 10% of the amount of calories required to digest this vegetable, so the remaining 90% has to come from somewhere else, like your fat stores.

To get the best results from these types of foods, remember to alternate eating them with other healthy proteins, carbohydrates, whole wheat products and those which contain a lot of fiber. While you may enjoy eating these foods for a while, you can easily tire of them so don’t go overboard. Choose one or two a day to substitute into a meal or snack. A diet limited to only these foods could lead to malnutrition. However, when it comes to snack times, these choices are real winners.

Also remember that losing weight isn’t just about what you eat or don’t eat. Another important key to dropping pounds is regular activity. This part scares many people because they envision themselves having to enroll in a gym or to go running for an hour every day.

Regular activity should be something that you can maintain throughout your life so it should be something that you look forward to doing (or, at the very least, that you don’t dread doing). Also, regular doesn’t mean “every day”. It means “consistent”. One easy type of regular exercise is walking. Taking a 20 to 30 minute walk three to four times every week would be considered regular activity.

Combining the free list of negative calorie foods with a healthy, well-balanced diet and consistent activity will get you where you want to be with your weight.

Does Alli weight loss products work?

If you’ve ever wanted to lose weight, you’ve most likely been introduced to the Alli weight loss products. They are renowned all over the world. But does Alli work?

alli Weight Loss Aid Orlistat 60 mg Capsules,120 Count by alli

The active ingredient in Alli pills is orlistate and these pills represent the only over-the-counter weight loss aid that is accepted by the FDA. Alli pills aren’t all you get when you make your purchase. You also get a customized and detailed weight loss plan. Basically, you must understand that just taking a couple of pills will not get you the results you desire.

You also need a plan of action and you must be dedicated to this plan. Alli will greatly assist you since it actually prevents your body from absorbing about a quarter of the fat you eat. If you maintain a healthy, reduced-calorie and low-fat diet, the Alli pills can make a significant impact in your weight since they prevent a percentage of calories from actually entering into your system.

Alli marketers claim that these capsules can help you to lose up to 50% more weight than just if you were just dieting. This translates to you losing 15 pounds instead of just ten if you are taking the pills. Keep in mind that you should never try to lose a great deal of weight all at once. You should aim for 3 pounds at the very most per week.

Another important advantage of Alli products is that they don’t affect your brain or heart–they only have an impact on your digestive system. one of the most common negative side effects of using Alli is that you may have to run to the bathroom right away after eating a meal with too much fat. So, does Alli work? Maybe too well. Other side effects include gas and oily spotting when you go to the bathroom or loose stools. Unlike some other weight loss supplements, Alli won’t make you feel jittery or restless or cause you difficulty sleeping.

It is recommended that if you do take Alli products, you also take vitamins as some of these will be flushed out along with the fat. Also, as mentioned earlier, you do need to stick to a plan of some sort. The pills alone will probably not get your desired results. The daily recommendation is three pills every day (one before each meal).

Remember that results vary from one person to the next and that Alli is only meant to be an aid in your weight loss plan. If you maintain a healthy diet, keep up with regular exercise and get enough sleep, you should be able to get positive results within the first six months of following the plan and taking the pills. Avoid the temptation to lose your weight too fast. This will only backfire in the long- (or even the not so long-) run.

Does Alli work? Yes, but not without you being dedicated to a weight loss plan.

The best way to lose weight and keep it off

More and more people are becoming overweight not just in the US but all over the world. The best way to lose weight and keep it off is by eating right and exercising regularly.

But many people are looking for the quick-fix miracle that will help them shed their pounds right away. One of the biggest buzz words in terms of weight loss is conjugated linoleic acid, otherwise known as CLA.

CLA is often referred to as the “good fat” that we need in our bodies. It’s mostly found in meat and dairy products of those animals that are able to feed on grass.

The reason that this is creating a great deal of interest is because the results of clinical studies have shown that CLA actually lowers body fat in overweight people while maintaining muscle tissue.

It has also been discovered that CLA increases metabolism, decreases belly fat and can improve muscle growth. Conjugated Linoleic Acid also lowers cholesterol and triglycerides and improves the immune system which is something everyone could use.

The fact that these acids increase metabolism is a very exciting find, especially for the many who suffer from thyroid problems like hypothyroidism. Thyroid problems can also be the culprit which leads to big bellies. So again, CLA can solve a lot of problems in that area.

CLA is much more common in grass-fed animals than in those who feed on grain. So to get your dose of CLA, you can make sure you are getting meat from grass fed animals and you can take a look at the various weight supplements that include the fabricated version of CLA. It’s important that, if you do decide to go with the supplements, you get one that offers at least 3400 milligrams per day. This is the level which will be effective.

So CLA really is appearing to be somewhat of a miracle for some people. However, you cannot lose weight simply by getting the recommended daily amount of CLA. Using it in conjunction with healthy eating and sleeping habits and regular exercise is the most effective way to lose your “bad fat”.

Try to drink a lot of water, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables (especially the most brightly colored ones), whole grains, and Omega-3 fatty acids (from oily fish, nuts of flax seeds) every day.

Also, do not skip meals and make sure you get enough sleep. skipping meals can backfire and studies have proven that people who aren’t sleeping enough tend to be hungrier and overweight.

Regular exercise does not have to be strenuous. If you can make a committment to walking for 20-30 minutes three to five times per week, then you are doing regular exercise.

The combination of your daily dosage of conjugated linoleic acid, healthy eating habits and physical exercise will get you the results you would like.

The relationship between weight loss and fitness

If you’ve decided you want to lose some weight (whether it be just a few pounds or a large chunk of your body mass), chances are you’ve done the research on diets, plans, gyms, exercises, and anything that you can find on that subject.

The relationship between weight loss and fitness

If so, you’ve probably seen that most credible sources will tell you that weight loss and fitness are strongly related. If not, that’s what I’ll tell you now.

If you want to lose weight, you first need to evaluate a few truths. The most obvious is that if you burn off more calories than you eat, you will lose weight. You can either chose to do no “extra” exercise and eat very, very little in order to lose weight, or you can stick to a plan that will burn off enough calories and allow you not to starve yourself.

It’s also important to note that overly-decreasing your calorie intake can backfire on you because your body will slow your metabolism down in order to accommodate this adjustment in calorie intake. This will cause you to actually gain weight instead of losing it.

The next fact is that a combination of water and oxygen leads to fat burning. Make sure that you are getting at least a half-gallon of water every day. Your body will use this water when you exercise and cause you to lose weight in a healthy way.

Again, you must combine your water intake with some form of aerobic exercise (increased oxygen) for this to work. Choose something that you like and can do on a regular basis like Walking, biking, swimming, yard work, etc. As long as you get your heart rate up a little bit, it’s a good fat burning exercise.

Finally, consistency is the key when it comes to your weight loss and fitness plan. So many people jump into something quickly with the mindset that they will just keep up the pace for a couple of weeks or a couple of months and then they can go back to their usual life.

In reality, your plan should be a life-long commitment. Even after you lose weight, in order to maintain your goal weight, you need to eat right and get some activity in.

So, pick an activity that you enjoy (or that you don’t mind so much). Walking is one favorite. If you live in the city, you can actually walk part of the way to work, save on gym expenses, and not have to worry about finding time in your day to exercise.

If not, no matter where you live, you can probably find the time to take a 20-minute brisk walk around your neighborhood. Bring a buddy along to keep you entertained and you’ll see that the time flies. The connection between weight loss and fitness is too strong to ignore. So, pick your plan and stick with it for life.

Tea And Weight Loss – What You Should And Shouldn’t Do

It has been known for quite some time that certain herbs can help you with weight management. Using various tea blends for weight loss is not exactly new, but with an oversaturated market, people can often get lost in all the information available, both accurate and inaccurate.

With Hot Skinny Tea, you can rest assured that you are using a completely natural and organic product whose results are backed by scientific evidence. You might still have questions about the best possible ways to use it, which is why we are writing this.

Tea And Weight Loss – What You Should And Shouldn’t Do

Drink Tea After Your Workout

Scientists have found that drinking certain variants of tea blends can help you recover from an intense workout and prevent cell damage caused by intense exercise. While most of this research centered on green tea, the same, if not better, results can be achieved with Hot Skinny Tea.

In addition to this, people who drank tea regularly lost more weight than people who did not, while following the same diet and exercising program.

Drink Tea Before Dinner

If you drink a cup of green tea before you have your dinner, you will be ingesting cholecystokinin. Cholecystokinin is a hormone that quells feelings of hunger. Scientists from Sweden have tested the efficiency of the tea and found that it aids in curbing appetite.

They tested two groups of people in a controlled environment. One group drank water with their meals, while the other drank green tea. The group that was drinking tea reported having less desire to eat, even when their favorite foods were on the table.

They also reported feeling more satisfied after the meal, which curbed their desire for an after-meal snack. Since Hot
Skinny Tea is not only rich in green tea but also packed with a number of useful herbs, it works even better than green tea alone.

Drink Tea Before You Go To Sleep

Chances are that you already know that various tea blends can help you fall asleep, as can herbs like Chamomile and valerian. Healthy sleeping patterns are also crucial for weight loss as they ensure that stress hormone levels are kept at a minimum. This may prevent your body from storing fat due to lack of sleep or overstressing.

Drink It Again After Waking Up

Numerous studies have shown that fasting overnight, followed by drinking certain teas, such as green tea or Hot Skinny Tea can help you absorb optimal amounts of EGCG, which is the main component responsible for weight loss.

Drinking a detox tea blend in the morning is a great way to kick-start your day on a healthy note, leaving you with all the energy and motivation you need to go about your daily routine cheerfully.

Alternative Uses For Your Favorite Tea

Everybody knows how to make tea — just steep it in hot water and drink! However, there are diverse ways of using tea that may have escaped your attention. For example, even though not many people know or endorse this, you can make a salad dressing with tea that may help in melting your fat away. People who have tried this reported a 40 percent decrease in the desire to eat for hours after that.

Another great alternative is to blend your favorite tea into a smoothie. In addition to adding valuable nutrients to your smoothie, you will also get a meal replacement that will do wonders for your health and weight management.

Storing And Using Hot Skinny Tea

It is important to store any tea in a dark and dry place, due to the active ingredients they contain. Storing it in a sealed package is the best way to increase the tea’s shelf life. Hot Skinny Tea is best used in the traditional way – by steeping in hot water, although you can also make iced tea, which is great for those hot summer days. Whatever way you prefer, this groundbreaking tea blend is bound to boost your health and show results in record time!

Understanding Body Mass Index (BMI)

In this blog post, I am going to define what is Body Mass Index, how it is calculated, categories, limitations and how you can use this it to reach your weight loss goals.

What is BMI?

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on weight and height that applied to adult men and women.

How to calculate BMI?

BMI is a person´s weight in kilograms divided by square of height in meters.

Understanding Body Mass Index (BMI)


For example, if you weight 70Kg and you’re 170Cm which is 1.7 meters you will have a BMI of 24.22, in the next section we will see what this number means.

But you don’t need to do this calculation manually, you can use a BMI web-based calculator by clicking the following link.

Also, there are many apps that can help you to calculate BMI, just search for BMI calculator on your apps store and you will find many options.

BMI categories

So now you calculated your BMI and you got the magic BMI number, so let us see what it means.

Underweight (<18.5)

If your BMI is less than  18.5, this means you’re underweight, this is a serious health problem and my recommendation is that you should go and see a nutritionist.

Normal Weight ( between 18.5 and 24.9)

If you’re BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9 congratulations, you’re a normal weight, the only thing you have to do is to make sure that it stays that way.

Overweight (between 25 and 29.9)

If your BMI score is between 25 and 29.9, you’re overweight, if you follow advice from this blog you should be able to lose weight and go back to your normal weight again.

Obesity (Over 30)

If your BMI score is more than 30, you´re overweight and you run a risk of having diseases related to being obesity like heart diseases, I will not you to recommend doing exercises or starting your weight loss journey without seeing a professional (a doctor or nutritionist).

Important note about BMI score.

Your BMI score does not tell you where you have body fat, which is important in order to analyze the health risks, that is why the circumference of your waist.

If your waist circumference is greater than 88cm in women and more than 102 cm in men, you run a risk of having major heart diseases, diabetes, and other health problems.





10 Tips To Drop Body Fat Fast

Getting in shape and cutting fat can be difficult if you’re constantly going from one diet fad to another. Here is a list of 10 tips to drop body fat fast.

You can use these tips in figuring out if any diet or quick fat loss plan is a good program or not. Regardless of what diet plan you are currently on these tips will only help accelerate your fat loss even more. 10 tips to quick fat loss

1. Stop eating just 3 large meals a day.

I really don’t know the reason for this but most people eat three meals per day, this is not healthy. Beginning today, eat 5-6 small meals daily. You’ll be eating more often but not necessarily more. Eating 5-6 times a day will keep your metabolism revved up, which causes your body to burn more fat.  Make sure that your meals are not loaded with simple carbs instead go with whole-grain foods.

2. Drink less sugary soft drinks and more water.

You will see immediate results by simply trashing the sugary soft drinks in favor of water when I say sugary drinks I don’t only mean soda, this also includes the so-called health juices with sugar added on them.

3. Slow down your eating.

Research shows that the longer you take to chew your food the less food you will consume. In addition by slowing down your eating, your stomach will have enough time to send signals to your brain telling it that it’s full.

4. Get involved in some sort of low impact activity.

Try walking around your neighborhood for 15-20 minutes. Any exercise is better than nothing so try doing a brisk walk around the block.

5. Stop eating out instead cook your meals at home.

In the long run, you’ll save money and control your portion size. I know it’s easy to order fast food every day but trust me it’s doing more harm than good.

6. Stay away from sugary foods.

That includes candy, soda or anything from a bag or box. If you didn’t know it or not sugar will add weight to your frame even if the label reads fat-free.

7. Try green tea for fat loss.

Research shows that Green tea has antioxidants, which stimulates weight loss.

Hot Skinny Tea

8. Eat fiber-rich foods.

Shop for foods that are high in fiber (whole wheat bread, potato, nuts, grain) you’ll feel satisfied longer.

9. Don’t go heavy on the dressing instead go light.

Dressing, sauces and other condiments should be limited because of the carbs, sugar, and fats.

10. Shed the pounds and keep it off permanently.

A staggering amount of people who have experienced weight loss gain it back plus more. It is important to not let up on your diet. Watch what you eat and don’t fall back into your old habits or you can quickly gain the weight back that you worked so hard to lose. If you follow these 10 easy tips, you’ll be on your way to quick fat loss.

That is it, those are 10 tips to drop body fat fast, apply them today and you will see a major shift in your weight and your health in general.

The Art of Breathing – Your First Key to Unlimited Energy

We all take breathing for granted. And very few of us realize the importance of good for a healthy life. The act of breathing is much more than inhaling and exhaling air.

This article attempts to unravel the secrets of the correct way to breathing and explains why and how the correct way of breathing is important to lead a healthy life.

Yes, breathing is an art, and it is a very scientific art. The act of breathing is much more than inhaling and exhaling air. It triggers off a whole chain of physio-biological reactions, spanning each of the billions of cells that make up our bodies.

The extra oxygen in the bloodstream stimulates the excretory system, thereby clearing the body of harmful toxins. The extra oxygen in the brain provides additional energy and vitality. Deep meditative breathing is a kind of reminder to the body that all is fine and in control.

Breathing has always been a part of our wellness arsenal, but somehow as one grows older, breathing becomes less and less scientific. It becomes shallow, and we begin to breathe in the chest, rather than the stomach.

So, what is the correct way of breathing?

Have you ever seen a baby breathe? In and out, deep and even, slow, easy and calm. If you look closely, you will see that it is not the chest that is rising and falling, rather it is the stomach. To put it more precisely, it is the diaphragm, the muscle between the chest and the abdominal cavity, which moves.

Now, compare this with your own style of breathing. Chances are that you will find that it differs. If you are like most people, your upper chest expands as you inhale and contracts as you exhale. Over the years, you have learned to hold your stomach in.

The trouble is that this has become something normal in most people’s lives. Over the years, living in a crowded city, with chronic pollution problems and a lack of fresh air can result in the gradual shift from abdominal breathing (also called Belly Breathing) to chest breathing.

This shift in breathing pattern, however, is not a natural feature of growing older. Many experts are of the opinion that this is simply a bad habit.

They also believe that by breaking the habit and returning to a style of breathing like that of an infant, we can help rid ourselves of chronic complaints headaches and fatigue. Moreover, by adopting a proper breathing technique, we may be able to ward off stress, lower our blood pressure, and strengthen our hearts and much more.

“The way we breathe can have a profound effect on the way we feel,” says psychologist Dr. Phil Nuernberger, author of ‘Freedom From Stress.’ “Many stress-related ailments, whether physical, mental or emotional, may be caused by improper breathing, and fortunately, they can be easily reversed by adopting scientific breathing mechanisms.”

Apart from the health benefits, deep breathing also results in a much better feeling of well-being. It encourages creativity, stimulates memory, and calms emotional extremities.

Practicing Belly Breathing

Find a comfortable place to sit down. Make sure you are wearing thin and comfortable clothing. Now, place your right arm on your stomach, and breathe in the following manner.

1. Breathe in through the nose, counting two.
2. Hold, counting up to four.
3. Breathe out through the mouth, counting three.

As you breathe in, feel your stomach fill up with air and expand outwards, and as you breathe out, feel your stomach deflate.

Do this ten times, three times a day for the next week and see how your health improves.

Happy Breathing for a Healthy LIFE.

How to Reduce Fat Intake

Reducing your fat intake is key to your weight loss, in this post, I am going to go through on how to reduce fat intake and boost your weight loss.

Eat well

How to Reduce Fat Intake

Start your day with fruit, yogurt, wholegrain cereal, porridge or wholemeal toast.

Include five portions of fruit and vegetables in your daily diet – eat fresh fruit as a snack, pile salad into your sandwich or add a side salad to your main meal.

Make vegetables and grains the base of your meals – pasta, potatoes, rice, couscous, bulgar wheat.

Flavor salads and vegetables with herbs, lemon/lime juice, fruit vinegar

Add extra vegetables to pasta and curry sauces, stews, soups, bakes, shepherd’s pie, and lasagne.

Make fresh fruit the base for dessert – add yogurt, fromage frais, custard or half fat crème Fraiche.

Minimize added fats and oils in food preparation (e.g. dressings, added butter and margarine, cream, fatty sauces).

When cooking, opt for lower fat cooking techniques such as baking, steaming, boiling and grilling instead of frying.

Reduce saturated fats e.g. butter, pastry, biscuits, and puddings. Choose lean cuts of meat and substitute skinless chicken, white fish, and beans for some of the meat in your diet.

Avoid foods made with animal fats or hydrogenated vegetable fats as they contain larger amounts of trans fatty acids i.e. margarine, biscuits, cakes and bakery items.

Low-Fat Snacks

  • Sandwiches/rolls/pitta/bagels (filled with salad, tuna, chicken, turkey, ham, marmite or banana)
  • Low-fat yogurt and fromage frais
  • Fresh fruit (e.g. apples, bananas, pears, peaches, nectarines, grapes)
  • Scones, potato cakes, crumpets
  • Dried fruit
  • Rice cakes/ breadsticks

What about Carbohydrates?

Eat enough carbohydrates because carbohydrates fuel all types of exercise. If you eat too little carbohydrate, you will experience fatigue and lack of energy. Low carbohydrate diets can result in muscle loss.

Fill up on High-fibre foods

High fiber foods will help to fill you up and feel satisfied for longer, keeping hunger at bay. The following is a list of high fiber foods which you should base your meals and snacks on:

  • Wholegrain breakfast cereal
  • Porridge
  • Wholemeal bread and pasta
  • Brown Rice
  • Beans and lentils
  • Potatoes
  • Fresh fruit
  • All kinds of vegetables

Eat Little and Often:

Aim to eat 5-6 small meals and snacks each day at regular intervals. This will help maintain energy levels, prevent hunger and avoid fat storage. Avoid leaving long gaps between meals as people often over-eat when they are hungry or are ‘eating on the run’.

A well-chosen snack before training or in the afternoon can take the edge off evening hunger. Take time to slow down and eat, even when you are busy. Your brain and your stomach both need to enjoy the experience of eating.


Cutting down on your alcohol intake can help you lose unwanted body fat. One pint of beer is equivalent to 182 kcal so if you cut out five points per week, you’ll save 3640kcals per month, that’s 0.5kg in body weight!

Since alcohol is associated with relaxation, it is often also associated with unwise eating. It acts as a diuretic and may slow down the process of re-hydration after working out. Alcoholic drinks are low in carbohydrate content and will not fuel up your glycogen stores.

Fad Diets

Be wary of diets and supplements that promise weight loss. There are no special pills, potions or products that produce safe and effective weight loss. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Consult a Dietitian if you are having difficulties with your weight-loss goals or you would like a supervised, individualized program. Expert advice is needed for those who are struggling with an eating disorder or disordered eating behavior.

Final words

That is it, that is how to reduce fat intake, you can try those recommendations and you will start to see a big change in your weight loss journey.


Guidelines for Losing Weight

Losing weight is not an easy feat, I struggled to lose for years and to be honest with you, I still do at times, all these years I gained some experience on the best ways to lose weight and here are my guidelines for losing weight.

Set a realistic weight loss goal.

The first step to weight loss is to set up the realistic weight loss goal, you need to know exactly how many pounds do you want to get rid off, you can just say I want to lose weight you need to know exactly how much pounds do you need to lose.

Set a realistic time frame

After setting your goals, do you need to decide when you are going to accomplish it, do you need to set a realistic time frame here, you can’t say that do you want to lose 20 pounds in one day, that is impossible.

You can decide to lose 1 pound per week and come up with a plan on how to make that happen.

Examine Current Exercise and Activity Patterns

Exercise is the other half of the weight loss equation. The best way to manage your weight permanently is to combine a program of regular exercise with a balanced, low-fat diet.

If you’re a very sedentary person you can start small by just walking outside your house for 5 minutes or even 2 minutes, and increasing gradually to 30 minutes or one hour per day.

If you’re obese you need to check out with your doctor or physician before starting any type of exercises.

 Keep a food diary for a week

Many people who feel that they ‘hardly eat anything at all’ will be amazed at their hidden or unintentional eating activities. Simple changes to cut out unnecessary eating or unneeded portions sizes can make a long term difference.

Lose weight slowly

If loss of body fat is required, plan for a realistic rate of loss of about 0.5kg-1kg/1-2lb per week. Any more than this and you risk losing muscle and depleting your glycogen reserves (fuel for the working muscle).

To lose 0.5kg/1lb per week, you need to create an energy deficit of 3500kcal. So, by eating 500 fewer calories per day, you will lose 0.5kg/1lb per week. Increasing your energy expenditure will increase your weight loss further. It is a good idea to set short term and long term goals.

Reduce your fat intake

Remember that fat contains more calories (9kcal/g) than carbohydrate or protein (4kcal/g) so cutting down on high-fat foods quickly reduces your calorie intake. Swap high-fat foods for low fat, nutritious alternatives.


Final words

That is it, this is my guidelines for losing weight if you liked it let me know in the comment section below and if you wish you can share it. Thank you for reading.

10 tips for losing stubborn belly fat

If you’ve had trouble losing belly fat, you are not alone. It’s usually the first type of fat to accumulate and the last to ‘burn off’. Luckily, it is an easier type of fat to reduce by improving diet, lifestyle and exercise (unlike hip/bum fat for women-which is a lot tougher to shift due to it being governed by an imbalance in female hormones). There are two types of belly fat: visceral (under the abdominal wall) and subcutaneous (just under the skin).

Losing both types of fat will decrease your waist circumference, but only subcutaneous fat can be measured by calipers.

10 tips for losing stubborn belly fat

Here are my top 10 tips for losing stubborn belly fat!

1) EAT WHOLE NATURAL NUTRIENT DENSE foods at low quantities 90% of the time. Some fish and meat (but never ‘overeat’), lots of vegetables (very hard to ‘overeat!), pulses, herbs and spices, nuts, seeds, fruit. Consider avoiding gluten (wheat, oats, and most other grains). It may bloat you. Eat slowly from small plates until satisfied, not full!.


2) DON’T HAVE A “CHEAT DAY” BECAUSE WEEKLY CALORIFIC INTAKE IS MORE IMPORTANT TO BE AWARE OF THAN DAILY, AND CONSUMING BAD THINGS ALL AT ONCE WILL LEAD TO IMMEDIATE FAT STORAGE ON THAT DAY! Yes, calories do count (you want to have a ‘deficit’ at the end of each week to continually loose fat), but they are not the whole story to fat loss- only part of it. 1000 calories of broccoli are not the same as 1000 calories of cake!. They act differently in your body. So ‘what’ you eat matters as well as ‘how much’ you eat.

If you are really strict with your self all week, and then have a blow out every Saturday, without really realizing it, your weekly calorific intake may not end up putting you at a ‘deficit’, despite 6 days of that week being at one!. You might feel like you’re doing really well, but just not seeing any results. This may be the reason.

Also, having your ‘not so healthy’ foods/drinks (probable foods with a combination of high sugar and fat) all in one go will lead your body with no choice to ‘store’ the excess calories, as there will be nowhere else for them to go!

My advice is to have 3 items per week only that ok ‘not so healthy! e.g 3 beers OR 1 cake and 2 glasses of wine etc! And keep on the straight and narrow at all other times. Spread out your ‘treats’! This is a good LONG TERM strategy, which is what you should focus on. Short term diets are just that- short term. People usually go back to square one within a couple of months.

Also, having foods with a high fat/sugar combination (e.g. cake, crisps, pizza, milk chocolate) would be better to consume after a hard workout, rather than any other time.

3) KEEP your H.E.C (hunger, energy, and cravings) in check. Find a sustainable nutritional rhythm that stops you snacking or eating crap. THIS IS QUITE INDIVIDUAL, AND EVERYONE WILL NEED TO FIND A SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT FORMULA THAT WORKS FOR THEM. Be a nutritional detective. You need to find foods and times to eat them that keep your energy good and your hunger and cravings LOW.

For example, if you always get ravenous at 4 pm and tend to eat crap at that time, then either adjust what you are eating for lunch, or put in a healthy snack (e.g. piece of fruit and 5 nuts) at around 2.30pm to ‘pre-empt’ your habit of ravenous ‘bad snacking’ at 4 pm!

Also, throw away the crap in your house- then you can’t eat it! If it’s there- you’ll probably eat/drink it!

4) DRINK only tea, coffee (max 2 per day), water (LOTS) and minimal alcohol (3 drinks per week max), unless there’s a special occasion.

I wouldn’t recommend commercially produced fruit juice. It will spike your blood sugar and may make you hungry quickly afterward. I mean, when would you ever eat 5 oranges? That’s essentially what you are doing when you have a large glass of juice (not to mention the fact that all the fiber has been taken away from the fruit, which slows the release of the fruit’s sugar). If you are having juice, have only a small glass.

As for homemade fruit and vegetable juices, these are obviously a lot better. They can be a good way to get vitamins and minerals into your diet if you don’t consume enough vegetables in your daily diet.

They can be great for kids who don’t eat much veg too! Just keep quantities small, and be aware that the juicer is essentially doing your stomach’s job for it (breaking down the foods), so consuming whole fruits and vegetables will always be a superior option.

5) EXERCISE like this. Current research shows that this is perhaps the best abdominal fat loss protocol.

*3-5x strength sessions a week using 8-15 reps per exercise, performing at least 5 sets at a challenging weight. Go for the most ‘bang for your buck’ exercises (compound movements that use the whole body). When I say a challenging weight, I really do mean that.

If you are doing 10 reps, then I should see you screwing up your face on the 9th and 10th rep!! I see this from the few, not the many! These are the reps that change your body! A bit of muscle is your friend!

* 3-5x hard aerobic or and/or muscular endurance exercise workouts per week based on various intervals ranging from 10 seconds to 20 minutes!

The shorter the interval, the higher the intensity should be.

Sprints are a great fat loss tool. If you go all out, for 5-10 efforts (about 10-30 seconds is best) the EPOC effect (basically how many calories your body burns for the next 24 hours, even though it’s not doing any exercise) is massive!

Longer duration cardio exercise (over 30 minutes) used to be thought of as the best way to lose fat, but it has pretty conclusively been proven to not work as well as the protocols above. Although that’s not to say you shouldn’t do it. On the contrary.

I LOVE IT – for stress busting and other health and fitness reasons, I think it is fantastic. Also, it can help your overall cardio fitness, helping you deal with shorter intervals much more effectively.

You must give each exercise/interval your absolute best focus and effort…other not much will happen!

Also- it’s helpful to do something you enjoy! You will be much more engaged in it if you do!

6) SLEEP at least 7.5 hours a night.

A body without enough sleep doesn’t function well! I know this more than ever at the moment!


7) MINIMIZE STRESS and increase your good ENERGY by finding one or two practices that relieve stress symptoms and promote positive energy.

Too much Cortisol, the stress hormone, is bad news for belly fat.

Do whatever works for you. Reading, meditation, walking, long distance running (my preference), yoga, deep breathing practices…etc. Whatever calms you down and makes you feel centered but positively energized.
Find it, then make time for it. First thing in the morning is best- get up before everyone else- then it might actually happen!

Commit to it- or pay the price (which is not just belly fat by the way, as I’m sure you know!)

It takes time to change your body…admittedly, it’s quicker for some…but for many, it may take months to see a real difference. Consistency is the key. Make everything a routine- something that is done automatically.

Do a circumferential, and a caliper test once every 4-6 weeks. How do you really know that you’re reducing/gaining belly fat if you don’t measure it?
I am happy to do this for you at the gym.

10) CHANGE the story you tell your self and create INTENTION in your mindset every day/week/year.
We all have an ‘internal monologue’-The story we tell ourselves of who we are right now, and how we are doing in our life.
To change your body and the way you feel, you need to change your mind first.
Instead of saying
“I feel fat, stressed and not as fit as I used to be”…
change it to
” I’m going to exercise on …………( days/times this week) every week without compromise”
” I’m going to incorporate…………(chosen stress reliever/energizer) 3-5 times a week on these days/times……………………… without compromise”
“I’m going to start the day as I mean to go on with a healthy breakfast that will keep me going until lunchtime.”

“I am on my way towards being fitter and healthier than I’ve ever been before, as I am taking the above steps”


That is it, those are 10 tips for losing stubborn belly fat, start applying them today and you will soon see great results. Thank you for reading.