Why Do We Crave Sugary Food?

For many of us, the sight of a freshly glazed doughnut can feel like falling in love and coming home to a pack of unopened cookies can feel like the adult version of Christmas morning. There’s something about sugar that hooks us and keeps reeling us in again and again. Whether we like it or not sugar has a major hold on us.

Why Do We Crave Sugary Food?

If you’re reading this it’s highly likely you understand and have the first-hand experience, of this allure. Sugar isn’t just confectionery, it’s compulsion; there is no such thing as stopping after “just one.” I mean, if one is good, more is better. At least that’s what it feels like with the sweet stuff.

We are given many reasons for our sugar cravings: pleasure-seeking brain circuits, intestinal parasites, mineral deficiencies, malnutrition, habitual behavior, unbalanced diets, too much salt, buried emotional issues, lack of sleep, stress…. and my favorite, lack of discipline.

We are not at a loss for reasons for our addiction to sugar, yet knowing isn’t enough to change us or our behavior. If knowing was enough we would all be winning gold medals and gold stars in every area of our life.

If anything, knowing just makes it feel worse… we know better so why aren’t we doing better? Knowing becomes just another reason for us to feel bad about ourselves.

The next step to knowing is to try and do something about it. We take matters into our own hands and attempt to turn our sugar-loving switch from on to off.

This is not a painless process, and just when we feel we’re making ground something happens to throw us off and we’re on a mission to hunt down any sugar we can find and back at the start.

When we decide to target our sugar dependency, we attack the sugar itself, we clear the pantry, empty the house of all products and declare sugar the enemy. And this is fine… except it doesn’t work. When we create an action plan like this, we’re a few steps too far ahead and facing the wrong direction. We don’t address what’s really happening.

The key: target the true problem, not the side-effect of the problem. And sugar cravings are the side-effect, they’re the symptom of the real problem, and treating symptoms never makes the problem resolved.

The only way to create true, long-standing change is to address the root cause…. otherwise you’re just wasting your time and prepping yourself for another future sugar-binge.

What is the root cause? Leptin resistance. One way to target leptin resistance is with a product called leptitox, a blend of 22 all-natural ingredients that work with your body to reverse leptin resistance and it’s effects.

When leptin resistance occurs in our body we have a malfunctioning system. This malfunction will produce troublesome symptoms. Not only does leptin resistance increase hunger but it creates cravings! That’s a recipe for disaster! Not only will you be hungry but you’ll be hankering after the worst foods imaginable…

We may have blamed everything else under the sun for our inability to stop reaching for the next cookie… everything but leptin resistance. If you want to see real movement and change you’ll need to target leptin resistance and do something to “fix” it.

Leptitox is just the way to address the growing problem of leptin resistance since it has been created to target and address it. Leptitox is a blend of 22 carefully selected herbs, amino acids, and vitamins with the ability to help your body address the real cause of leptin resistance. It will change everything you thought you knew about weight loss.

Hot Skinny Tea – The Newest Addition To Nutritional Supplements

What is it?

Hot Skinny Tea is tea packed with carefully selected natural ingredients of the highest quality, perfectly blended together to make your journey toward overall health and weight loss easier and tastier!

Scientifically backed by extensive research, Hot Skinny Tea has been proven to not only elevate your all-around nutritional health by increasing your metabolism and sky-rocketing your energy levels, but it may also contribute significantly to triggering much-needed weight loss.

It tastes great and is oh-so-simple to incorporate into your daily routine. Hot Skinny Tea has left many with smiles on their faces and their jeans way baggier than before!

Hot Skinny Tea – The Newest Addition To Nutritional Supplements

How do you use it?

You may start a 14-Day Detox Special with Hot Skinny Tea, which will give your body enough time to take in all the nutrients, process them and start showing effortless effects within just 14 days!

Furthermore, we offer a 28-Day Detox Program that will help you take back control over your health and cleanse your body, while also potentially losing weight! Imagine being able to continue drinking and eating as normal, while visibly losing weight instead of gaining it!

Of course, to really make the most of it, you may integrate a healthy diet and a regular exercise plan in order to get better, more lasting results!

What is it made of?

This amazing tea blend has a number of specifically selected all-natural ingredients such as sencha green tea, which can help boost your energy levels, clear your skin and, most importantly, increase your metabolic rate.

Apart from sencha green tea, Hot Skinny Tea contains lemongrass, which can help with cleansing and getting rid of toxins. Then there is also Pu-Erh leaves, commonly used to lower bad cholesterol.  Hot Skinny Tea also contains senna leaves, which is a natural laxative and an anti-parasitic agent that may assist with weight loss.

There’s also lotus leaf, which has been proven to increase blood flow; fennel, which releases tension in the muscles and helps ease digestion; Garcinia Cambogia extract, one of the most powerful supplements used in dieting that works as a potential fat blocker; and finally, stevia, which gives this tea its sweet and addictive taste!

The research put into discerning the right amount of natural ingredients and special blending techniques have proven over and over why Hot Skinny Tea is one of the most effective and long-lasting ways to achieve complete bodily health.

Using Hot Skinny Tea is quite simple – you put 1 tablespoon of the tea blend into hot water for at least 2-3 minutes and drink the tea twice a day. There are some additional uses of Hot  Skinny Tea, for example, you can make iced tea out of it.

Whether you decide to go with the 14-day program or the 28-day program, if you are using the tea as recommended in the instructions, you are bound to see some real changes in your body soon.

How to get Hot Skinny Tea?

We are happy to announce that Hot Skinny Tea is available virtually all around the world. We also offer a variety of promotions, price reductions, and special offers – so anybody can try our Hot Skinny Tea to experience the effortless weight loss detox program and get their body in shape!

The current price for the 14-Day Detox Program is around $35 – with free shipping to most parts of the world.

Hot Skinny Tea – The Newest Addition To Nutritional Supplements

Herbal weight loss pills

If you are looking for that “magic pill” that will bring about weight loss you may have looked into herbal weight loss pills that boast a “safe and natural” way to lose weight. Are those ways safe?

For many people, there is an automatic assumption that just because something is natural that it is safe. Snake venom occurs naturally, but I wouldn’t suggest ingesting that.

Peanuts are natural and good for most people, but for some, it can bring about a severe allergic reaction requiring quick medical attention. Just because something boasts being “natural” doesn’t mean that it is particularly safe. Even if it is safe for some people doesn’t mean that it is safe for you.

What does this have to do with herbal weight loss?

Herbal products used for weight loss use a variety of ways which are supposed to help in losing weight. Most of these weight loss products that are considered herbal will either trick your brain into thinking you are full. Many more will use thermogenic to help speed up your metabolism.

What are some of the herbs used for weight loss that need to be avoided?

First, anything that is an herbal laxative should be avoided. Buck-thorn, cascara, rhubarb root, and senna are some of the ones you will see most often. The danger in using a laxative to lose weight is that it can bring about dehydration, constant cramping and diarrhea.

It may also cause the muscles used to control bowel movements can become weakened to the point that you are no longer able to control them. You also stand a chance of becoming addicted to taking laxatives and you risk becoming bulimic.

Ephedra, also known as ma-huang, is probably the ingredient to look out for most. There is a related product known as herbal phen-phen (or fen-fen) that has ephedra as the main ingredient.

This is known to raise blood pressure and increase your heart rate. It can also really mess with your central nervous system causing over stimulation. Some of the side-effects of ephedra or ma huang are seizures, stroke, heart palpitations, or heart attack. There are deaths that have been connected with the use of ephedra.

So what herbal products are there that are safe and can help in effective weight loss?

Three main ones are cayenne, green tea, and seaweed. Cayenne has capsaicin in it which safely helps stimulate digestion and helps increase your metabolism.

Green tea is a safe stimulant that also gives you a healthy dose of vitamin C. Seaweed stimulates the thyroid which helps in weight loss. Do make sure that you check with your doctor if you have thyroid problems or are on thyroid medications before using it.

There are many other herbal weight loss products that are safe, but there are also many others who aren’t. Just like the peanut, there may be some that are healthy for some people but are dangerous to others. No matter which one you use, check with your doctor first to make sure that it is safe for you.

Natural weight loss with herbs

Natural weight loss with herbs can happen if you know which ones can work and are safe for you. They can be a safe alternative if you educate yourself on how they work and how they interact with your body.

Don’t expect every herbal weight loss product to be safe for you. While there are many which will safely help your body lose weight, there are others which could be very harmful to you, even though they might be safe for some other people.

Here are some herbs that are considered safe and effective in weight loss used correctly.

-Alfalfa works as a diuretic and has ingredients in that helps make fat more soluble and helps your blood vessels stay healthier.

-Chickweed helps in the breakdown of fat molecules. Use this with burdock root which will help remove the fat molecules and purify the blood.

– Cayenne pepper has capsaicin helps with blood circulation and digestion. It works by increasing your core body temperature affecting your bodies metabolism, helping it to rise. This helps with weight loss.

– Dandelion Root works in the liver by helping clean the body of toxins and makes your body metabolize fat better.

– Fennel Seed increases your energy level and helps to reduce hunger. Use with nettle in a tea to help in weight loss. *Be very careful to not go over the recommended amount of fennel seed because in large doses it can be toxic. Check with your doctor to find out how much fennel is a healthy amount to ingest.

-Flax Seed is a great source of fiber and protein. It has a lot of phytonutrients and vitamins and is one of the best aids in getting a healthier body. It can help curb your appetite if taken 20-30 minutes prior to your meals. It is a bulk laxative so be prepared for the results.

Green Tea is a very popular product that helps the metabolism of fat and raises your level of energy working much like caffeine in giving you more energy.

-Hawthorn Berry helps get rid of food that has trouble digesting in your stomach, helps the adrenal glands by stimulating them, and improves the thyroid. *Be sure that you check with your doctor when using this because if you have a thyroid condition or are taking medication for your thyroid, hawthorn can have an adverse effect.

There are many other herbs that people have had success with when trying to lose weight. Before trying any of these, make sure you talk to your doctor and/or an herbalist looking at how it might affect you and react with medications or other supplements you might be taking.

It is tempting to find everything in pill form. While this might be convenient, the best way to achieve natural weight loss with herbs is to find fresh or whole dried herbs and use them as much as possible.

The benefits of eating breakfast

It is amazing how much weight can be lost by eating more. Many people will have you believe that to lose weight you need to be eating less. By less, they usually mean less often. This isn’t necessarily the case, though.

One of the most important meals of the day is breakfast. You heard that growing up and may not believe it to be true, but it really is. It is a shame that it becomes one of those meals that we run out of time for.

We get so caught up in trying to get our day going that we end up neglecting the one meal that may end up making the rest of the day better for us. We get a little hungry and we get our morning fix by running by our favorite coffee shop to get a large one to go and maybe a danish or pastry of some kind.

This isn’t the best thing for us either. We may curb our hunger for a little while, but our bodies will still be starved for the good stuff later on.

What are the benefits of eating breakfast?

The benefits of eating breakfast

1) It’s like filling up your gas tank first thing in the morning. Getting a good healthy breakfast can help you get more done through the day without having to be interrupted.

It doesn’t mean that you won’t be hungry, but you will start off the day with the right kind of energy and your blood sugar will be at a better level. This means less downtime for you.

2) It helps your brain and nervous system function properly. It essentially just gets your synapses firing on all cylinders. Your brain is sharper and your decision-making skills are better. Your memory is also improved.

3) Breakfast makes you less prone to binge eating. If you wait until lunch to eat you will become more hungry. This means that you will try to find more food to eat and will make you less picky in your selection.

You want to curb that hunger so you run down to the closest fast-food restaurant and buy the biggest size of whatever big burger you are carving. Not only will you eat a lot, but you will also eat it fast.

Eating fast most likely means you are eating more than you need. You are getting food down so fast that your body doesn’t have time to figure out that it’s full until it’s too late.

4) Eating breakfast helps you lose weight. It’s not just breakfast, though. It’s eating several times a day. Eat early and often to help you lose the most weight. Breakfast plays an important role in all of this.

If you skip meals, your body begins to think that it’s starving and will go into storage mode thinking it must preserve as much as possible. That is when it turns into fat. It can also slow down your metabolism and your ability to burn fat.

When you eat that healthy breakfast, you are letting your body know that you aren’t going to be starving it today so it doesn’t have to worry about storing it. It also gets your metabolism going and ready to burn fat all day.

When you eat breakfast and regular meals throughout the day, you will really be impressed with how much weight can be lost if you decide to eat more.

Free list of negative calorie foods

Are you looking for a free list of negative calorie foods? These are the foods that actually take more energy to consume than the calories they contain, so it’s easy to understand why anyone who wants to lose weight would be going for these types of foods.

Free list of negative calorie foods

Here is a short free list of negative calorie foods–some of them may surprise you:
Hot Chili Peppers

The other great thing about negative calorie foods such as those in the list above is that they actually use calories from other sources in your body in order to be digested. So, eating these calorie burners should definitely be included in any weight loss plan.

Keep in mind that when your body runs out of energy from carbohydrate sources, the next place it looks for energy is in your fat. This is one way to get rid of excess fat in your body and this is how negative calorie types of food help you lose weight and maintain the weight that you eventually achieve.

In general, negative calorie foods come from fruits and vegetables as listed above. Other examples include pineapple, papaya, peach, honeydew and cantaloupe. These are beneficial because of their negative calorie properties and because they hold strong detox properties. Other vegetables include broccoli, green beans, asparagus and carrots. Celery is especially worthy because t only holds 10% of the amount of calories required to digest this vegetable, so the remaining 90% has to come from somewhere else, like your fat stores.

To get the best results from these types of foods, remember to alternate eating them with other healthy proteins, carbohydrates, whole wheat products and those which contain a lot of fiber. While you may enjoy eating these foods for a while, you can easily tire of them so don’t go overboard. Choose one or two a day to substitute into a meal or snack. A diet limited to only these foods could lead to malnutrition. However, when it comes to snack times, these choices are real winners.

Also remember that losing weight isn’t just about what you eat or don’t eat. Another important key to dropping pounds is regular activity. This part scares many people because they envision themselves having to enroll in a gym or to go running for an hour every day.

Regular activity should be something that you can maintain throughout your life so it should be something that you look forward to doing (or, at the very least, that you don’t dread doing). Also, regular doesn’t mean “every day”. It means “consistent”. One easy type of regular exercise is walking. Taking a 20 to 30 minute walk three to four times every week would be considered regular activity.

Combining the free list of negative calorie foods with a healthy, well-balanced diet and consistent activity will get you where you want to be with your weight.

Tea And Weight Loss – What You Should And Shouldn’t Do

It has been known for quite some time that certain herbs can help you with weight management. Using various tea blends for weight loss is not exactly new, but with an oversaturated market, people can often get lost in all the information available, both accurate and inaccurate.

With Hot Skinny Tea, you can rest assured that you are using a completely natural and organic product whose results are backed by scientific evidence. You might still have questions about the best possible ways to use it, which is why we are writing this.

Tea And Weight Loss – What You Should And Shouldn’t Do

Drink Tea After Your Workout

Scientists have found that drinking certain variants of tea blends can help you recover from an intense workout and prevent cell damage caused by intense exercise. While most of this research centered on green tea, the same, if not better, results can be achieved with Hot Skinny Tea.

In addition to this, people who drank tea regularly lost more weight than people who did not, while following the same diet and exercising program.

Drink Tea Before Dinner

If you drink a cup of green tea before you have your dinner, you will be ingesting cholecystokinin. Cholecystokinin is a hormone that quells feelings of hunger. Scientists from Sweden have tested the efficiency of the tea and found that it aids in curbing appetite.

They tested two groups of people in a controlled environment. One group drank water with their meals, while the other drank green tea. The group that was drinking tea reported having less desire to eat, even when their favorite foods were on the table.

They also reported feeling more satisfied after the meal, which curbed their desire for an after-meal snack. Since Hot
Skinny Tea is not only rich in green tea but also packed with a number of useful herbs, it works even better than green tea alone.

Drink Tea Before You Go To Sleep

Chances are that you already know that various tea blends can help you fall asleep, as can herbs like Chamomile and valerian. Healthy sleeping patterns are also crucial for weight loss as they ensure that stress hormone levels are kept at a minimum. This may prevent your body from storing fat due to lack of sleep or overstressing.

Drink It Again After Waking Up

Numerous studies have shown that fasting overnight, followed by drinking certain teas, such as green tea or Hot Skinny Tea can help you absorb optimal amounts of EGCG, which is the main component responsible for weight loss.

Drinking a detox tea blend in the morning is a great way to kick-start your day on a healthy note, leaving you with all the energy and motivation you need to go about your daily routine cheerfully.

Alternative Uses For Your Favorite Tea

Everybody knows how to make tea — just steep it in hot water and drink! However, there are diverse ways of using tea that may have escaped your attention. For example, even though not many people know or endorse this, you can make a salad dressing with tea that may help in melting your fat away. People who have tried this reported a 40 percent decrease in the desire to eat for hours after that.

Another great alternative is to blend your favorite tea into a smoothie. In addition to adding valuable nutrients to your smoothie, you will also get a meal replacement that will do wonders for your health and weight management.

Storing And Using Hot Skinny Tea

It is important to store any tea in a dark and dry place, due to the active ingredients they contain. Storing it in a sealed package is the best way to increase the tea’s shelf life. Hot Skinny Tea is best used in the traditional way – by steeping in hot water, although you can also make iced tea, which is great for those hot summer days. Whatever way you prefer, this groundbreaking tea blend is bound to boost your health and show results in record time!